Dawn Chorus

For those of you that are feeling the winter blues, here’s a blast back to May last year when I took myself off up to one of the woods on the farm to have a go at recording the dawn chorus. It was the first time I’d tried anything like this with a new Zoom sound recorder. I was in the woods at about 4.30 am to start. The volume is quite low, so you will need to turn it up a bit. see how many species you can hear. if you wait, you will hear some roe dear barking, owls, woodpeckers and much more. I do need to get out and do more of this sort of thing as the results can be so lovely. Sadly we cant record smells as the bluebells and wild garlic were truly stunning.

Sound Recording in Westwood
Sound Recording in Westwood

As the files are too big for this site, here’s links to the files on Dropbox:


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