Burning Some Bridges

Yesterday I had a chat over coffee ‘with a very good friend’ about where life was going, future plans, personal abilities, challenges and generally what to do next.

We both came to the conclusion that something holding most people back (including us), is the fear of burning bridges. How could you possibly  take that new job, move to a different area, knowing that if it doesn’t work, you could lose the safety net of  simply slipping back into your old life as if nothing had happened.

This backward-looking overcautiousness has, I now realise, been holding many people (including myself) back for years and has the potential to do so in the future. I / we need to look at the possibilities of what can be achieved by moving on and moving forward and not concentrate so much on the safety net of the always available backwards step.

If you leave that safe job or client, can you go back? If you move to a new place can you return? And if you walk away from a circle of people will you be on your own in the world for ever? The answer to all of these has to be “of course not”. There are many other lines of work, some of which will be better and more enjoyable than your current one, and you may even earn more money. The new place may be where you’re meant to be. How many times have you been on holiday and wished you could stay? Well why don’t you? The hardest part will always be leaving the people although, thankfully, today this is the easiest to overcome. Travel is relatively cheap and it’s easy to travel anywhere in the world within 24 hours, and even easier, thanks to Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp etc you can now talk to anyone face to face from pretty much anywhere (except, it seems, my cottage).

So now I’ve let you all know my thoughts, I suppose I ought to put at least some of them into action. The next move is already being planned, well, it’s at least being conjured up. Let’s see how and where it goes.