Don’t wait till retirement, do it now!! (Whatever it is)

There’s not many things that make me scream and shout in my head (I’m very practiced at not vocalising my thoughts), but one thing in particular has pushed my buttons of late.
When I hear people of my age (40 something) and younger saying they are planning on doing something they really want to do when they retire. When they retire, what the actual f……!
For my age, I am thankfully very fit and healthy (I do have an annoying injury at the mo, but I know that will go) and lead a very active life style, working in the outdoors doing a job I like.
The thought of putting off things until you retire fills me with dread. I have lost some very good friends my age and younger (to both accidents and illness), my dad sadly never made it to retirement age (well, he did sort of, but wouldn’t give up) and I have good friends who are currently fighting very serious illness. To add to all this, I have just heard today that a school friend is sat in hospital with her mum who has just had a bra8n haemorrhage and the latest that a very good friend has just lost her dad in America where she had just traveled to see him.
All I would like to say to the people say in their grey offices thinking about how much their investments are worth, when they will finally pay off that massive mortgage and worrying about the state of world politics, Donald trump and more locally Mr Rees Mogg; if there’s something you’re thinking of doing, don’t put it off, just get out there and do it. Don’t put it of as there may well be no tomorrow.
It’s not just doing things, but saying things. Make sure people know how you feel about them. If you love them, tell them. If you “like” them, let them know (as they may think the same and be just as inept as you) and equally as important, if someone is an idiot, tell them, they may not realise and it could be better for all if they know.
I know this all sounds a bit bleak. It’s not meant to be, just a kick up the arse for myself and anyone else who needs it (and you know who you are). Nothing is sadder than hearing people talk about things they wish they’d done but never did and now can’t for one reason or another. I realise that some people can’t let go of the expected norm (Norm doesn’t mind really), but I always get drawn back to the great work of modern philosophy that is Sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann, and the line “It’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t!