Maybe the iPhone is the greatest camera ever made?

I know that could be a bit of a rash statement, what with those of us that take photos for a living carrying huge amounts of vastly expensive camera equipment with us where evere we go, and more so for those who have it as their hobby, sometimes simpler approach is the way forward

In an interview a couple of years ago, Annie Leibovitz the top amaerican fashion photographer when asked stated that for most people that the iPhone 4s was indeed the best camera. What was her thinking? She stated that the best camera to take a photo is whatever one you have with you at the time (as in you cant take a photo when you don’t have camera with you) and with most people these days having their phones with them all the time, this point is pressed home.

From my experience, the iPhone with it’s 8mp sensor and surprisingly good lens (which also roughly matches a 35mm lens on a 35mm camera) can take some amazing images. I have regularly taken shots with the phone that i would’ve missed otherwise and with asthetics that have proved hard to improve on with anything other than something like my old Hasselblad 500CM and its 60mm lens. Add to that all the apps that are available and you have a fantastic creative tool.

The pinacle of IPhone photography has in my opinion happened in the last month or so. The London based photographer Andrew Montgomery has recently shot and published a book “Distiled” on the modern spirit industry competly on an iPhone. Andrew has done some amazing work for clients as wide ranging as Jasper Conran, Country Life and Yeo Valley, so this confidence certainly gives the humble iphone legitimacy as a proper tool.

Andrew Montgomery – Instagram

Myself, I normally have my iPhone in my bag and have taken some pictures that I would’ve otherwise missed. I regularly use the amazing AltPhoto app to add filmic effects to the files and give them that bit more “feeling”. Add that to Instagram and you have the perfect tool for both recording and sharing exactly what you’re working on at any one time.

One of the best things about images taken on the iPhone is that due to the 8mp sensor, it’s also realistically possible to produce good quality prints up to 10″ square and beyond depending on the process and printer used.

Below, I have included one of the many images I’ve got due to just having the iPhone on me when I would not have been able to have anything else. Hope you like it. A